Aren’t we enlarged
by the scale of what we’re able
to desire? Everything,
the choir insists,
might flame;
inside these wrappings
burns another, brighter life,
quickened, now,
by song hear how

The next time you complain
At the lack of Christmas nookey
Spare a thought for old St Nick
And have a little sympathy
For he only comes but once a year
And then he’s up a chimney

So long to you my love
Don’t be afraid to run away
I know you’ll be okay…. Just take your time to find
I really, really need you here tonight…
Merry Christmas My love

Christmas is a perfect event
To stop and reminisce
About the many hours we’ve spent
Discussing that and this
The Cherish, the smiles
That we have known
The wonderful things we’ve done
That make the friendship that we share

Family is truly a unique creature,
It can function as an effective teacher.
Each person involved, has plenty to learn,
Through words and actions, respect they may earn.

Sometimes arguments may get pretty loud,
That’s because, they’re all just so proud.
Merry Christmas to my Family


Hoping your Christmas is filled
With joy in all you do
and with fingers crossed we hope
this joy will last the whole year through.

May you, throughout each moment
as you enjoy Christmas time
feel the joy that Jesus bought
and the peace he left behind.

This special card is just for you
Now that Christmas time is here
To Thank You for the lovely things
you do all throughout the year.
The time and help you offer
mean such a lot each day
You always seem to know

Christmas is such an exciting time
The time when Santa does his rounds
He comes to all little girls and boys
While they sleep not making a sound.
When you wake in the morning
All your gifts are under the tree

The mother got to her knees to pray,
thanking the Lord for hearing her say.
She thanked the Lord for returning a smile,
to the face of her little child.