Baby born in manger lay,
in feeding trough a King.
Shines throughout nations,
through ages brightly shine.

Greater power earth bestow,
sun lights life filled days.
Greater gift from God above,
baby Christ, Christmas Son.

Church Bells ringing, carolers singing,
this the time of Christmas season.
Jesus Christ our celebration,
of His birth to a virgin, Mary.

Forest tree cutting, bows decorating,
this the time of season cheering.
Gifts of wise men start tradition,
gifts between us, friends and family.

For my Family this Christmas,
I wish joy and laughter,
I wish you happiness and love,
For now and forever and ever-after,
I wish you the bliss this season brings,
Everyday of your life,
Every second you live,
For my Family this Christmas,
I wish these wondrous things.

Christmas time is here again
I wish you only knew,
How special Christmas is this year
Because I am with you.

This year I don’t need any gifts
Beneath the Christmas tree
The only thing I’ll ever want
Is you to be with me

Christmas Day is a time for fun,
so come on over to our house hun!
We’ll have plenty of drinks and food for all;
we are sure to have a grand ball!

With a knowing smile
Say ‘Santa’s on his way’;
Children tucked up in their beds,
Listen for his sleigh.

To you my friends, I wish for peace,
And lots of Christmas cheer;
Good luck, good health and happiness,

The wreath is on the door
And the snow is on the tree
God has laid His holy hands
On all that we can see.
Be quick to raise your voice
And praise what He has brought.
Keep now His love in every choice
And Christmas in every thought

Rejoice that we are all together
For a day like this.
Two things keep us happy, warm
A Christmas hug from you my dear
And in return a Christmas Kiss.
Merry Christmas from the heart,
To ones I hope will never part.

There once was a man made of snow,
Who grew happy and bigger whene’er the wind would blow.
But some kids playing a trick
Gave him a candle and a wick
And soon he was only H2O.

we have known
Since we were quite small
Friends who still like me
Warts an’ all
The memories we share
Of times that are past
Means friendship between us
Will always last.

This Christmas,
the New Year and beyond