I went to the pub with my brother
For a Christmas, lunchtime drink
While my wife cooked the dinner
And washed up at the sink
We got thrown out at 4 o’clock
Full of Christmas cheer and gin
We got home ready for Christmas lunch
And found it in the bin

When I think of Christmas
I never think of what’s fun
When I think of Christmas
I never think of Santa on the run
When I think of Christmas
I never think of present’s showdown
When I think of Christmas
I never think of parties and charms
When I think of Christmas
I think of hugging you with my loving arms
Merry Christmas

May the tinkling of the bells,
Of your joy retell,
May the gift of Christmas,
Abide in you to bless!

May the coming year be,
Filled with hope and prosperity,
May all your days be filled with cheer,
And every dream be fulfilled here!
In this Christmas season so dear,
And in the coming New year

AT Christmas you’re a part
of so many thoughts and wishes
Thoughts that are dearer
wishes that are warmer
because they’re especially for you

Christmas is a funny time
That everyone adores
Even grown ups smile a lot
When they see Santa Claus

It’s obvious why there’s lots of smiles
From all the girls and boys
But why do the grown ups smile
When they don’t get any toys

Even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart
Till the end of time

I Love You
Merry Christmas

Let us keep Christmas,
holding it close to our hearts…
For its meaning will never end
And its spirit is the warmth and joy
Of you being my Family..

Merry Christmas and
Every happiness in the New Year

We hope this Christmas enriches your life;
May each day be happy and bright,
Overflowing with pleasure and love;
May your Christmas be filled with delight.

Some of the happiest times of my life
Are times you and I spend together.
For deep in my heart I’ve considered you special
One of my dearest friends ever.
“Happy Christmas”

Look at the sparkly Christmas Tree
In your sitting room.
With all its bling
It sure does bring
Some Christmas va-va-voom!